Erin’s Pet Supply Drive


I am so pleased to announce this! Simone H’s mom Melissa has organized this supply drive in honor of Erin on what would have been her 11th birthday, December 11, 2014. The above is the flyer, and the picture is of Erin holding Buffy in her backpack.

On that note, I received a note over the weekend from Friends of Rescue, and in addition to the kitten that they named Erin in her honor, another foster has named a puppy Alyssa, which was Erin’s middle name. And I received a lovely picture from them of Opal, who has found a home but who was helped by the funds raised for them back in August. She would love being able to help animals. Both her and my tender hearts kept us from volunteering at the shelters, but we helped out how and when we could.

I miss Erin so much that it hurts, but I am so glad that some good is coming out of her life. She had such a kind and tender heart, and she would be so happy that little furry babies are getting loved and the help they need.

Erin’s Mommy
Ms. Nicole

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