Erin’s 2nd Angelversary

2ndTreeYesterday marked our 2nd year without our precious Erin. We miss her more than words can say. We miss being her Mommy and Daddy, we miss her friends, and we miss everything that was our lives 2 years ago.

Over the last two years I have posted many items that were given in kindness from friends and neighbors, many anonymously. Yesterday we woke up to a card taped on our front door and a beautiful ribbon tied to our tree out front. We do not know which neighbor(s) gave us their love and kindness, but we thank and appreciate them.

I have another gift picture to post, but that is another story and I will save it for another day and post soon. To everyone who has walked with us on this journey, thank you so very much from the bottom of our hearts. It has helped to make our pain bearable.

And lastly, I do not have it in me to host a donation drive, but if anyone wants to continue to honor Erin, please donate to your favorite animal rescue. If you would like to send me confirmation, just email me for my contact information at


Erin’s Mommy

Erin Alyssa Canter
12/11/2003 – 8/14/2014
#missingerin and #LovingErin