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As a mother, I would love it if you all could give me a holiday gift and post your memories of Erin in the comments here. Erin’s birthday is also December 11, and she would have been 11 this year (2014). I am sure her friends and other family would enjoy reading as well. If your children who knew Erin don’t use the internet yet, or you’d feel more comfortable doing it yourself, I would love their thoughts as well. Thank you in advance! Pictures are welcome too!

Erin’s Mommy aka Ms. Nicole

2 thoughts on “Your Memories”

  1. The first time I ever met Erin, she was in the basket part of the cart at Wal Mart, holding & loving on a stuffed animal! 🙂
    And she was too big to be in the cart & she knew it and she loved it! 🙂

  2. I remember one time when Erin and I were FaceTimeing and playing the computer, I said something she didn’t understand. I repeated it and she smiled and started repeating “Oh” in a certain pattern and tone. She tilted her head side to side while doing this and I thought it was funny, so I chimed in. After quite a while of doing this, we laughed and didn’t realize we were going to do this all the time and the same thing with “So” when it was awkward and silent. We did this also to annoy our mothers and other friends, claiming it was “an inside joke”.

    That was one the MANY running gags in our friendship. 😀
    Hope you enjoyed!

    Erin’s Friend,
    Anna Kate 🙂

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