Touching Tributes

As I mentioned the other day, Hampton Cove Elementary is setting up a reading area in the library in honor of Erin. I really didn’t expect anything more than the shadowbox of pictures that Mrs. Ellett mentioned, and maybe a table and bookshelf. So I was even more touched and honored when Simone H’s mom sent me a picture of the tree they are building. Simone is helping, and is pictured. The lighting was bad – one day I will try to get a better one.


By the way, Simone H. was Erin’s other BFF. She was blessed with two, and loved them equally and uniquely. How lucky is that? Many never even have one BFF in their lifetimes.

As a mom missing my child, you can’t imagine the comfort and joy that it gives me to find out about these types of things. Even the smallest thing can bring me some joy. Joy is hard to come by. I miss Erin today so much, I have cried and cried. So anyway, thank you HCES. She hated having to go and sit and learn, like all kids, but she loved her school and her friends and teachers. And most of all, she loved to read.

You would think that the Tree would be pretty outstanding, but look what I was tagged in today on FaceBook after giving some wrist bands to one of my best and oldest friends, Dawn Roth…


That is the entire Roth clan. Just the fact that anyone wears these wrist bands, is sweet and amazes me. But this…this is amazing and has touched me deeply. Thank you Roth family.

The interesting thing about Erin’s life is that the Roth’s barely knew her. Life gets in the way, you know, and we just didn’t see each other very much. But her light both in life and in her death has touched many. It’s little solace, but amazing nonetheless. I may be grieving, but I am not blind.

I plan to share via blog post as many days as I can to honor Erin’s memory, but I will probably keep my grief journey located on my website It’s heavy stuff, and I want this site to be more about celebration and appropriate for kids and adults alike.

Hugs and blessings,
Erin’s Mommy aka Ms. Nicole

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  1. Hello, you do not know me, I have followed Erin ‘s life since you began sharing on caring bridge. My heart aches fir you and your husband. I follow your daily entries on bluestarhome. I think you are an incredibly strong woman and when you post your writings I always stop and read them right away. I pray for you and Shaun daily, that is who I turn to. I would be honored to wear Erin bracelet, if you find time to send me one. Please know for whatever us worth your writings aware important and Erin will always be remembered.
    PO Box 367. Mesa, CO 81643

    God Bless.

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