Three of Erin’s Friends Release Balloons, and Letters

I have waited all week to post this, mostly because of the upwelling of emotion that I have every time I think about it. I received an email from a parent of one of Erin’s school friends over the weekend. The three girls had done a balloon releasing ceremony, and included cards with what I assume are note written to Angel Erin. (I call her that now…picked that up from Angel Sammy’s page on FaceBook.)

Here are the pictures, and thank you so much Lydia C., Abby C., and Nina H. You are sweet girls and I will never forget your kindness. And PS: Erin liked the three of you very much.



5 thoughts on “Three of Erin’s Friends Release Balloons, and Letters”

  1. This brought tears to my eyes. One more reminder of how much Erin was loved and is missed. You and Shaun are in my thoughts and prayers today especially.

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