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Elfie and Snowflake

Hello again friends,

Sorry for the snafu yesterday. My WordPress upgrade on my sites crashed them all, but thankfully Bluehost was able to restore everything. That said, meet Elfie and Snowflake.


Snowflake is the lady in the skirt, and Elfie we have had the pleasure of knowing three years now. Erin loved Elfie very much, so much that she would cry every year when he would go back to the North Pole. She really wanted a friend for him and so last year we bought Snowflake (she named them both, of course). Snowflake ordered herself another skirt, but sadly she never got to wear it. I know both of them miss Erin very much, as much as she missed them. She wrote about Elfie more than once in her journal.

I only had the courage just yesterday to invite them back, and will request that they go live permanently in Erin’s room now. I know she visits her room from time to time because we hear her, and she will be thrilled to see them.

We leave in the morning for our trip, and so I may not post for a few days. While I won’t be able to enjoy the magic of Christmas, I hope that those of you who will be able to will remember Erin on the 25th. She so loved Santa and the magic of the holidays. It just won’t be the same without her.

Erin’s Mommy aka Ms. Nicole