Pebbles of Love

I have to admit that I sort of ripped this post title off from a friend who writes a blog, Lisa Gawlas. Here is a link to her article by that name. It really struck me when I saw it yesterday, because Erin used to pick up pebbles everywhere. And she would keep them! I used to find pebbles in all of her drawers, and found one in my purse on Sunday along with an “eyeball” rubber ball of hers that I have had for so long I don’t remember how or when it made it into my purse. I bet if I had the courage to go into her room right now, and look in her clothes drawers, I would find at least one pebble. I admit that I don’t have the courage to do that just yet, but I am confident that there are pebbles there.

I also used to find acorns. She and Simone H. used to collect acorns from the playground at HCES. There were no mature oak trees near our home, and anyway, they would collect them and acorns would also make it home and into my purse, and her drawers, and elsewhere. Last year before Halloween, they had a sleepover and had this elaborate plan to paint the acorns orange. We visited Hobby Lobby and got paint, and they painted their acorns but never did anything with them. Here is their sleepover plan. I found it with her stuff.


And yes, the orange acorns are still in somewhere in her room. I suspect that I will never get rid of them.

Just wanted to share this little pebble of love <3  #missingerin

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