Happy 13th Birthday, Erin

I am a day late, but hope that you wished Erin a Happy 13th Birthday yesterday on December 11. Her birthday is very hard for us so I did not feel like posting yesterday, although I did post on FaceBook and have made it public for anyone who would like to view.  Here is Erin on her last (10th) birthday spent with us…

She had a biopsy that day, and so got her favorite Olaf stuffy before we went because we felt so bad about it. We were worried about her and didn’t want to wait for the next appointment.

Thank you so much to Simone H. for continuing to shop and donate to Friends of Rescue in Erin’s honor. You shared many things, including your absolute unconditional love of animals of all kinds. I know that she was smiling on Friday like I was when I saw your picture. (Image cropped to protect her privacy).

And a big thank you to Carla W. and Katie. Katie “got to know” Erin through her story in 2014, and says she is her guardian Angel and hangs this special ornament on the tree every year in her honor. What a special and sweet girl Katie is <3

Acts of kindness such as this really have kept us going. It is amazing and awe inspiring.

And thank you to everyone who mentioned Erin on FaceBook on her birthday. The Stafford’s and the Howley’s and everyone else who wrote, remembered, called, and texted. I may not have answered you yet but we saw and appreciated your kindness.

Even though Erin has only been gone 2 years, it has now been 3 birthdays since that was how the calendar dates fell. We miss her just as much now as we did then. We love you and miss you Erin <3

Ms Nicole
AKA Erin’s Mommy

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