Gifts in Erin’s Honor

Last week, we received two beautifully wrapped gift boxes on our porch with a note from “A Neighbor.” This wasn’t the first gift from that anonymous neighbor. The first was a button that they bought, thinking of us, about childhood cancer. It also arrived with a very heartfelt note.

I have thanked them on our community page, but if you are reading this, you have deeply touched Shaun and I. Not only are your gestures sincere and kind, but you have no idea how much we appreciate that others have not forgotten our beautiful, sweet Erin. We also appreciate those that see and honor our grief. It is never ending and too painful to speak of at times.

So thank you, A Neighbor. I wanted to share with everyone the beautiful fairy and angel…



I wish that I was a better photographer to do them justice. By the way, I included the little angel on my shelf of other gifts in Erin’s honor. Some were given from people I “know” and others showed up anonymously. Shaun and I appreciate each and every one of them, and each and every one of you.


There are a few bracelets and such that I have on other shelves or that I wear, but these are what I call the Angel and Fairy shelf. Again, I’m no photographer, but after seeing the picture I want to tell you about the items.

The painting in the center was done by Paula Parvin McBride and was given to me right after Erin’s body died. She is an old friend and I did not realize she was such a talented artist. She is also very kind and loving. Thank you Paula <3

From left to right…this was a gift that Erin gave to my mother on her birthday in 2008. I thought it would be nice to include. The pink fairy was painted by Ally P. at Erin’s 2012 birthday party. She gave it to me at Erin’s service. So sweet Ally (hope I spelled your name right!). Next is a pretty little purple fairy that showed up at our door one day this past year, and the next is our newest angel I included above. Finally, on the far right is a pretty cherub that also showed up one day anonymously. The giver had no way of knowing that when Erin was 3 and her GP passed away, my mother was given a larger, similar version of this and that Erin liked it. I’m sure she guided your hand in sending it to us.

Then there is the Strength bracelet given by Paula M., and the Survivor bracelet given by Niki W. Thank you to those of you who regularly and randomly cheer me up on FaceBook. The randomly was a joke, as you seem to intuitively know when I am hanging on by a thread even when I don’t mention it. Thank you to everyone who cheers up Shaun, too.  And to any I have forgotten, please know it’s just a glitch. Grief wipes out everything and you get rewired, so I apologize if I have forgotten anyone. I treasure every last thought, kind word, gift given, etc. etc. etc. Thank you.

Love and hugs.

Ms. Nicole / AKA Erin’s Mommy


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