Erin’s Section in HCES Library!

I am thrilled to announce that Mrs. Ellett at Hampton Cove Elementary School (HCES) recently obtained some pictures from me to set up a section honoring Erin in the HCES library. The pictures were chosen to capture Erin’s spirit, and I think I did a good job in choosing a few that did. She plans to set up a reading area, and put the pictures in a shadow box. I don’t know when the area will be set up, but I assume very soon.

On that note, I plan to send some wrist bands up there once I reorder. I noted on my other blog that I was sure Erin would want the boys to have blue ones, so I plan to order some blue and more purple (her favorite color) but in Large size. Oh, and maybe in another month, I will feel OK about donating most of her books to the HCES library. My plan is to put a nice sticker inside saying something like “In Memory of Erin Alyssa Canter.” She had so many books, and loved to read, and even though we bought a book a week sometimes, she still checked out books from the school library. They had better books than the Public Library, but she had a library card anyway.

Her last visit to the Public Library, she was hurting and didn’t feel good, but there was a slim selection of things she liked but hadn’t read so I don’t think we left with anything. She still enjoyed going, though.

A short story…almost all of her teachers had to get on to her (i.e., every year) about reading when she was supposed to be doing something else. She would get her book out and hold it down below the desk line, and they would catch on when they would see her eyes downward. What a thing to get in trouble for! It was more that she was supposed to be doing something else, of course, but funny all the same.

Remember to use #missingerin on your social media to actively keep Erin’s memory alive! She touched so many people that it would be ashamed not to share her with those who didn’t know her!

Erin’s Mommy

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  1. Nicole, I love that you put together this site. I really enjoyed reading through it and seeing the pictures and Erin’s artwork. I am thrilled that Mrs. Ellett will be dedicating a section of the library to Erin! Besides karate, I knew Erin best from seeing her every month at Book Camp, the PTA reading program where kids are encouraged to read books from different genres. Erin was such an enthusiastic and prolific reader! This is a fitting tribute to her. I still think of her and pray for your family often. You’re in my heart during this wrenching journey.

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