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Missing Erin and 2nd Annual Go for the Gold

My heart is always heavy this time of year, more so than the rest. Tuesday will be our 4th year of #missingerin , but it seems like yesterday.

We would love it if you choose to show kindness to any living being next week for Erin’s 4th Angelversary. We would also love it if you would show your support for Erin and Angel Sam Harmon next month during the 2nd Annual Go for the Gold supporting St Jude families. More on the event here:

The picture below is of this year’s shirts. Sam’s mommy, Christie, did a wonderful job. We will have a shirt order link up soon, and you also get a shirt when you register for the race.

Always #missingerin <3

Thinking of Erin on her 14th Birthday

Hello Friends,

Yesterday, 12/11, would have been Erin’s 14th birthday. Thank you so much to everyone who remembered her and to those who expressed loving kindness through acts or words in her honor.

She was actually due on 12/12, but began her journey here on the evening of 12/10. I guess she couldn’t wait any longer.

I also want to remind everyone who knew her that she hated the “Happy Birthday” song and would cry if it was sung at her party. She could never explain why. She “just didn’t.”

Due to the time of year that it falls, this is actually our 3rd birthday without her. We miss her terribly.

Thank you for walking this difficult journey with us.


Erin’s Mommy

Go for the GOLD 5k/10k trail, 5k road and Kids Fun Run

I am sorry it took me so long to post this, but on September 16, 2017 McMullen Cove is sponsoring the Go for the Gold event here in the cove. It’s open to anyone and everyone, and is in honor of Erin and Sam Harmon (some of you may know Sam’s mother Christie Dale Harmon). Donations go to St. Jude.

As you know from reading Erin’s story, she most likely had lymphoma. Sam had leukemia and has been gone around one year. Aside from the horrors our children and our families have to ensure, no family should go through an illness like this unsupported. St Jude does a wonderful job of supporting their families and is a great cause to donate to.

Please consider supporting our families by attending the event, registering for the run (yes you can walk!), and buying a Tshirt. I have said over and over that we exist now because of the kindness of others, and so I very selfishly ask for you to come support the Canters and the Harmons on September 16. The link above takes you to the event FaceBook page.

Many blessings and much love,

Erin’s Mommy
AKA Ms Nicole

**My apologies to the other child mentioned that I do not know, Carson. I don’t yet know his family or his story. <3

Erin’s 3rd Angelversary

It was 3 years ago today that we had to say goodbye for now to Erin in her physical form. So we call that day her Angelversary.

We miss her just as much today as we did the minute she left our side. Without your ongoing kindness, we would not have made it this far. For that we are eternally grateful.

Please join us today in remembering Erin. I know that she is still hanging around watching over all of us and is probably irritated that she can’t get us to see her <3


Happy 13th Birthday, Erin

I am a day late, but hope that you wished Erin a Happy 13th Birthday yesterday on December 11. Her birthday is very hard for us so I did not feel like posting yesterday, although I did post on FaceBook and have made it public for anyone who would like to view.  Here is Erin on her last (10th) birthday spent with us…

She had a biopsy that day, and so got her favorite Olaf stuffy before we went because we felt so bad about it. We were worried about her and didn’t want to wait for the next appointment.

Thank you so much to Simone H. for continuing to shop and donate to Friends of Rescue in Erin’s honor. You shared many things, including your absolute unconditional love of animals of all kinds. I know that she was smiling on Friday like I was when I saw your picture. (Image cropped to protect her privacy).

And a big thank you to Carla W. and Katie. Katie “got to know” Erin through her story in 2014, and says she is her guardian Angel and hangs this special ornament on the tree every year in her honor. What a special and sweet girl Katie is <3

Acts of kindness such as this really have kept us going. It is amazing and awe inspiring.

And thank you to everyone who mentioned Erin on FaceBook on her birthday. The Stafford’s and the Howley’s and everyone else who wrote, remembered, called, and texted. I may not have answered you yet but we saw and appreciated your kindness.

Even though Erin has only been gone 2 years, it has now been 3 birthdays since that was how the calendar dates fell. We miss her just as much now as we did then. We love you and miss you Erin <3

Ms Nicole
AKA Erin’s Mommy

In Memory of Papa

Once again we have had someone near and dear to us pass away. Erin’s “Papa” (pronounced like pawpaw), Larry Canter, passed away on November 22, 2016. Erin loved her Papa and Nana (who is still with us) very much and they had a typical grandparent-grandchild relationship.

You can view Larry’s Obituary here and sign the guestbook if you like.  Here’s a snapshot of the nice funeral program that was printed for his service.

Larry was a US Army Veteran, and Erin’s daddy Shaun was presented with a flag at the funeral service. The picture didn’t come out so well and it looks better close up 🙂

Thank you for thinking of our family at this time. Larry is the 5th close family member to leave us in 2 years, and while we probably miss Erin the most, we still miss him dearly.

Ms. Nicole
AKA Erin’s Mommy
#missingerin <3

Erin’s 2nd Angelversary

2ndTreeYesterday marked our 2nd year without our precious Erin. We miss her more than words can say. We miss being her Mommy and Daddy, we miss her friends, and we miss everything that was our lives 2 years ago.

Over the last two years I have posted many items that were given in kindness from friends and neighbors, many anonymously. Yesterday we woke up to a card taped on our front door and a beautiful ribbon tied to our tree out front. We do not know which neighbor(s) gave us their love and kindness, but we thank and appreciate them.

I have another gift picture to post, but that is another story and I will save it for another day and post soon. To everyone who has walked with us on this journey, thank you so very much from the bottom of our hearts. It has helped to make our pain bearable.

And lastly, I do not have it in me to host a donation drive, but if anyone wants to continue to honor Erin, please donate to your favorite animal rescue. If you would like to send me confirmation, just email me for my contact information at


Erin’s Mommy

Erin Alyssa Canter
12/11/2003 – 8/14/2014
#missingerin and #LovingErin

Gifts in Erin’s Honor

Last week, we received two beautifully wrapped gift boxes on our porch with a note from “A Neighbor.” This wasn’t the first gift from that anonymous neighbor. The first was a button that they bought, thinking of us, about childhood cancer. It also arrived with a very heartfelt note.

I have thanked them on our community page, but if you are reading this, you have deeply touched Shaun and I. Not only are your gestures sincere and kind, but you have no idea how much we appreciate that others have not forgotten our beautiful, sweet Erin. We also appreciate those that see and honor our grief. It is never ending and too painful to speak of at times.

So thank you, A Neighbor. I wanted to share with everyone the beautiful fairy and angel…



I wish that I was a better photographer to do them justice. By the way, I included the little angel on my shelf of other gifts in Erin’s honor. Some were given from people I “know” and others showed up anonymously. Shaun and I appreciate each and every one of them, and each and every one of you.


There are a few bracelets and such that I have on other shelves or that I wear, but these are what I call the Angel and Fairy shelf. Again, I’m no photographer, but after seeing the picture I want to tell you about the items.

The painting in the center was done by Paula Parvin McBride and was given to me right after Erin’s body died. She is an old friend and I did not realize she was such a talented artist. She is also very kind and loving. Thank you Paula <3

From left to right…this was a gift that Erin gave to my mother on her birthday in 2008. I thought it would be nice to include. The pink fairy was painted by Ally P. at Erin’s 2012 birthday party. She gave it to me at Erin’s service. So sweet Ally (hope I spelled your name right!). Next is a pretty little purple fairy that showed up at our door one day this past year, and the next is our newest angel I included above. Finally, on the far right is a pretty cherub that also showed up one day anonymously. The giver had no way of knowing that when Erin was 3 and her GP passed away, my mother was given a larger, similar version of this and that Erin liked it. I’m sure she guided your hand in sending it to us.

Then there is the Strength bracelet given by Paula M., and the Survivor bracelet given by Niki W. Thank you to those of you who regularly and randomly cheer me up on FaceBook. The randomly was a joke, as you seem to intuitively know when I am hanging on by a thread even when I don’t mention it. Thank you to everyone who cheers up Shaun, too.  And to any I have forgotten, please know it’s just a glitch. Grief wipes out everything and you get rewired, so I apologize if I have forgotten anyone. I treasure every last thought, kind word, gift given, etc. etc. etc. Thank you.

Love and hugs.

Ms. Nicole / AKA Erin’s Mommy


5th Grade Bridging Pictures in Erin’s Honor

Yes, it’s been a long time since I have updated this site even though I promised that I would try to do so monthly. It is so very painful for me to even visit my admin page here. I miss Erin so deeply every second of every day. It is always with me.

5thGradeChandelierI do want to share, very late, something from the 5th Grade end of year that Erin’s class did in her honor. Their class project was a chandelier with tiles that each of them made.  I’m not sure who made this one in Erin’s honor, but it’s beautiful. I was reminded that this is Fawn I think, the fairy who loves animals. How fitting.

And they released butterflies in her honor at the Bridging ceremony.

FullSizeRender(1)We were invited but could not bear to attend. However, I want to express our deepest appreciation to everyone at Hampton Cove Elementary School for every single thing that you have done for our family, both while Erin was a student there and after. It will stay in our hearts forever. And thank you so much to Paula H., who sent these pictures and helped organize this for Erin. I have not been able to express to you how much I appreciate all of it, but both Shaun and I do more than words can say.

I plan to update again soon, really this time. Hugs and love to all of Erin’s friends and loved ones.

Ms. Nicole / AKA Erin’s Mommy

Erin’s “I AM” Poem

I haven’t written in awhile. This is very painful, not just on a daily but on a minute by minute basis. But we ran into Mrs. Fleming, Erin’s 4th grade teacher, around a month ago at dinner one night and she asked if I had a copy of Erin’s I Am poem. Not only did I not have a copy, I had no idea that she had written it for class. It is so beautiful, and sweet, that I want to share it with you. Enjoy, and #missingerin