Dreaming of Erin

I decided I wanted to share my feelings with all of you about missing Erin.

This post is about some of the dreams I’ve had about her.

The first dream that I had about her, I was in my cousin’s house.  My mom and Mrs. Nicole were talking in the foyer and Erin and I were in the half bathroom (for some odd reason) playing our computers.

What was unique about the dream is that Erin was some sort of ghost that only I could see. If she went into another room, she had a chance of disappearing. She also sometimes looked like an older lady, not like Erin. Sometimes she did look like herself and it confused me when I woke up and processed the dream.

When my mom said it was time for Mrs. Nicole to go and she started leaving, I went back into the bathroom and said to Erin, “Stay right here. Don’t go anywhere.” She gave me a confused look before the dream ended.

The second dream was with us playing in the backyard of someone’s house. Inside were our parents, probably watching football. All Erin and I did was play outside, nothing more. This dream wasn’t all that special out of all of them, but it was about Erin which was more than amazing.

The third dream I had was about us in the living room of some house, playing our computers. There was some cool trick that I was trying to show her about one of the games we played. I think it was either The Sims or Build-a-Bearville. (Yeah, I know. Two completely different games.)

After I showed her the thing on the computer, we started drawing. I’ve been trying to recall what exactly we did, but it’s hard doing that sometimes.

In the fourth dream, Erin and I were in Walmart and were in the Electronics section. We saw Super Smash Bros. for 3DS (Probably because I wanted it for Christmas) and played the demo being advertised there.

Apparently Kelly from our Barbie game was in with a group of Nintendo boy characters and so was Jasmine, the Disney Princess.

After choosing my character, Jasmine, Erin chose a bunny, which wasn’t a surprise, and we started using a Wii remote to play the game. Don’t ask me why a Wii remote was being used with a 3DS, guys, my brain is just insane when it comes to dreams. *throws hands up in the air* 😀

After playing for a while, I figured out new abilities Jasmine had such as shooting a huge blast of…something…at her opponent.

I don’t know what the rest of the dream was because I think it ended there with me admiring her “amazing” abilities. Erin had hopped around like a bunny the whole time, just being cute. 🙂

My fifth dream didn’t start out with her in it, but the events that lead up to her were really interesting.

I was a section of this large, unfamiliar building talking with people at a long table. It was like we were having a meeting in the middle of a place that looked similar to a mall/hospital/backstage theater. Don’t even ask why…

After the conversation was over, I realized I had been holding my dog the whole time.

After the realization, I started seeing people rush in and start shooting with guns. I started panicking and attempted to run out of one of the exits, but people kept flooding into the building.

I turned around and noticed a gradually spiraling staircase that lead up to an elevator above. My mom’s friend’s son, Joshua, and my kindergarten friend that also passed away, Jaden, ran up beside me. Jaden was also holding her dog and the girl that we saw in the elevator was too. (This dream was so realistic)

Just as Jaden, Joshua and I reached the staircase, someone shot Jaden’s dog out of her hands. Apparently, Joshua and I are total bullies and said, “Just come on! The dog would only slow you down!” :/

After climbing the staircase, Jaden and Joshua just waited for the next elevator and let me go without them even though the elevator was by no means full.

Just before I stepped into the elevator, I realized there was some sort of gas or smoke coming up from it. I didn’t think much of it and stepped in, the door closing behind me. Another girl, Ella Beth from my church, was standing in there and also holding her dog. Once I got in I said to her, “If this elevator explodes, can I at least give you a hug?” And I gave her a hug, puppies squished between us and all.

We started talking and wondering about the unusual smoke coming from the elevator, and that’s when the elevator started rocking side to side.

A door opened from the side for some reason and it was as if it were a camouflage, painted-to-look-like-the-wall sheet of plastic. As the elevator started rocking even more violently, I balanced my way over to the door that had opened to the side. As I peeked around the corner, I saw a pipe that lead to the back of the elevator. The pipe had the same gas/smoke coming out from it that the elevator had too.

In the background were costumes which is the reason I called it a mall/hospital/backstage theater.

I turned around and said to Ella Beth, “You need to get out of there.” She tentatively stepped out of the elevator that surprisingly didn’t explode right as she did like it would in movies.

There was a hallway connected to the dressing room area that I decided to go around. As I rounded the corner, I saw Erin sitting in a chair, Joshua and Jaden to the right of her. I was shocked and surprised because I knew she wasn’t really alive, but there she was, sitting there looking up at me.

I gave her a hug and then realized that this was a dream. And when I realized this was a dream, I figured out I was lucid dreaming. I could actually feel myself walking around and everything.

I remembered reading something about lucid dreaming and tried to stay calm. Then I raised my index finger to point at Joshua and said the first thing that came to mind: “Turn into a vacuum.” He looked at me like I was crazy for a moment before Erin got up and stood in front of me. I will never forget what she said after that.

“Sorry, try again next time.” And that’s when I realized I goofed up my first time lucid dreaming. She grabbed me by my left arm and Ella Beth grabbed the other. I felt a tingling sensation and almost screamed out in frustration. Erin and Ella Beth lifted me up in the air, and that’s when I woke up.

I woke up…in the bed I fell asleep at, except I was still dreaming. It’s as if I refused to wake up and my mind only generated my mom’s bed. I was in the same building except it was a different room. It was sort of like a hospital room except no hospital equipment. I forgot to mention there was no headboard on the bed or bedposts.

Erin and my other friend, Emily, were sitting at the foot of the bed. Joshua was also in the room except he looked like he dressed up as one of the Peacekeepers from the Hunger Games. There were two other guys dressed like him two, but they looked a bit more like they actually did the job their uniform represented. Another guy was there that looked like a detective and was making bunches of phone calls.

After my observation of the room, I realized I was still dreaming and thought of testing it out on something. “Erin?” I beckoned. “What is it?” she asked. Then I realized I would probably goof up again and didn’t want to take any chances. “Never mind,” I said.

I tried thinking about what to do and then noticed Erin’s hair was totally messed up. It was tangled and all on the left side of her head. I flipped it to the right side of her head and brushed it out. I don’t know why I didn’t even talk to her in the dream, but I didn’t which I regret 100%.

After fixing her tangled hair, I decided to ask her what day it was. She replied with the same date as the day I had the dream. January 15, 2015. What really got to me about that was that it actually was the same date and Erin was there, so I basically confirmed it was a dream.

After turning and chatting with Emily and Joshua for a while, I realized this dream was post-apocalyptic and my mom was not in the room.

I started to freak out and demanded the detective guy to tell me where my mom was. Unfortunately, he replied with an, “I don’t know,” and sent the Peacekeeper guys to go find her.

I grabbed my phone and frantically texted her, asking her where she was.

I woke up for real this time, teary eyed on the exact same bed.

My sixth and most recent dream I had about Erin I don’t remember that much about.

In the dream, Erin was still alive and didn’t understand why everyone thought she was dead.

The entire time we just basically had conversations about what she missed while everyone thought she was dead.

I was more than disappointed when I woke up and realized it was a dream.

Those are some of my dreams of Erin, originated from the lovely food that is pizza. I’ll post more of them when I have them, but I hope you enjoyed reading some of them!

Erin’s Friend,

Anna Kate 🙂

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