Erin and I loved to play barbies and I thought of sharing some of our stories with you.

Fun Fact: If you’ll look on the main picture of the barbies up at the top, from right to left you’ll see: Goseph, Tiffany, Elizabeth, Sharpay, Abby, Hannah, Kelly, Lauren and Tyler.

Our first ever barbie game started with four barbies. Their names were Sharpay, Lauren, Tiffany and Tyler. They were four siblings living in one house. All were played by me except for Sharpay. I feel bad about that.

It was overly crowded.Tyler slept in the garage, Lauren and Sharpay shared a room, and I forgot where Tiffany stayed.

They were all also some sort of magical creature. Sharpay and Tiffany were vampires, Lauren was a half-mermaid and Tyler was a werewolf.

We adored these barbies and they all appeared in at least two of our games.

Tyler was an important part in our barbie games. He appeared in almost every one and acted a lot like Kelly (who I’ll tell you about later).

Tiffany eventually found a boyfriend in our game named Goseph (pronounced like Joseph). I was silly enough to put a G instead of a J and Erin always made fun of his name and called him Greg. He was also a vampire and had a sister that was the barbie from Toy Story 3. We named her Barbie.

Tiffany and Goseph eventually got married and had a kid named Kelly. This is the most interesting and the most important part of our friendship.

Kelly was nuts. Not just nuts, she was insane. I played her and gave her one of the oddest and cutest voices that you’ll ever hear. Erin also had the gift of this voice.

Kelly was hilarious and the star of our whole barbie world. She had blonde hair in two pigtails that always stuck up. Her shirt was blue and had pink, purple and orange polka dots on it. Her pants were also blue and she wore purple shoes all the time. She came with a bicycle and a playground set that she could actually play with.

One day, we decided to end that game and we came up with another game. This game was about two princesses. One named Annabelle (I played her) and one named Sharpay (Erin played her, always).

I’ll be editing this often because there is just so much to write about. I can think of a million things to tell you but I can’t write it all at once.

I hope you enjoy what’s up there currently!

Erin’s Friend,

Anna Kate 🙂

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