5th Grade Bridging Pictures in Erin’s Honor

Yes, it’s been a long time since I have updated this site even though I promised that I would try to do so monthly. It is so very painful for me to even visit my admin page here. I miss Erin so deeply every second of every day. It is always with me.

5thGradeChandelierI do want to share, very late, something from the 5th Grade end of year that Erin’s class did in her honor. Their class project was a chandelier with tiles that each of them made.  I’m not sure who made this one in Erin’s honor, but it’s beautiful. I was reminded that this is Fawn I think, the fairy who loves animals. How fitting.

And they released butterflies in her honor at the Bridging ceremony.

FullSizeRender(1)We were invited but could not bear to attend. However, I want to express our deepest appreciation to everyone at Hampton Cove Elementary School for every single thing that you have done for our family, both while Erin was a student there and after. It will stay in our hearts forever. And thank you so much to Paula H., who sent these pictures and helped organize this for Erin. I have not been able to express to you how much I appreciate all of it, but both Shaun and I do more than words can say.

I plan to update again soon, really this time. Hugs and love to all of Erin’s friends and loved ones.

Ms. Nicole / AKA Erin’s Mommy

2 thoughts on “5th Grade Bridging Pictures in Erin’s Honor”

    1. It seems so doesn’t it Angie! I don’t know who drew/painted it, or who decided what it should be, but they did very well. We also got a poster board signed by her friends at school but I admit I have not had the courage to even open it yet. I have to do things when I get a brief moment of courage. That doesn’t come too often. We love you guys <3

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